Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time for some screencasts

Inspired by awesome work that Wesley Hales is doing in the JBoss Portlet Community I recently decided to try doing screencasts myself. Today I would like to share my first attempts with you. Movies below cover GateIn Portal integration with LDAP and give some insight about internal Picketlink IDM usage. First one demonstrates how you can start experimenting with sample configuration in few simple steps and uses OpenDS as an example server. Second one separately shows Active Directory integration as it requires few special config tweaks and includes MSAD installation instructions (in Part 1).

Both screencasts are based on tutorials that can be found in GateIn wiki:

So far my experience is that.... doing screencasts is way more challenging and time consuming than it seems :)

I hope to get some feedback from you (and I'm already aware about few things that I could have done better...)

P.S. Big thanks to Wesley for sharing his screencast experience