Sunday, October 28, 2012

WarsJawa 2012 and 100th Warsaw JUG meeting

Warsaw JUG is traditionally hosting 2 bigger events during the year. First one is Confitura (former Javarsovia) which is a full scale free Java conference - with around 800 attendees this year. Second one is WarsJawa (former WarsJava...) which is smaller and more workshop focused event. This year I had an honor to be one of co organizers of it

2012 edition was a bit special as we also celebrated 100th meeting of Warsaw JUG. Therefore during opening session several people who have been engaged in local Java community over past years shared some of their memories. 

Bartek Zdanowski, Tomasz Szymanski, Paweł Wrzeszcz, Łukasz Lenart, Jakub Nabrdalik, Wojciech Erbertowski, Kamil Szymański, Marcin Zajączkowski and me came on stage. Few opening words from JUG founder Jacek Laskowski were played from video as he could not join us. Maybe it is a sign of future direction to consider video streaming more … :) 

To be honest many people who have been engaged over the years were missing. There would have been A LOT of different folks on stage if we had manage to grab everyone involved from day one…  

During next session Grzegorz Duda shared his view on current status of Java community in Poland. Then there was a key part of the conference - 10 different workshops that lasted 7 hours with ~170 attendees in total. 

Not all of  them were purely Java or software development focused. Besides Jenkins, Git, or Qooxdoo there was also Arduino, iOS Kickstart and purely "soft" one called "One day with difficult customer".

From my perspective it is really good to see that Warsaw JUG is not closed to non Java topics and is serving different needs.

That would be all for the short summary. I had to leave early but from what I heard that was a cool afterparty :) 

Here is my photo gallery from the event. Check some more photos from Marcin Zajączkowski and blog relation (in polish) from Bartek Zdanowski. 

Looking forward for WarsJawa 2013!