Monday, June 16, 2014

Devoxx4Kids Poland 2014

Week ago there was first ever edition of Devoxx4Kids hosted in Poland. It is worth writing about it for several reasons.

First of all as a father of three I’m really happy to see such events happening locally. My own kids were still too young to participate therefore I’m already looking forward to the next edition! :) 

I have two very personal reasons to feel really proud about this event. Devoxx4Kids Poland was organised mainly by people from Warsaw JUG. As a member and one of previous leaders of this community - currently focusing on JBUG - I love to see how it is thriving. Lot of awesome new initiatives are being brought to live! 

Additionally this edition was sponsored by my employer - Red Hat. Let me just say that when I approached Mark Little - Vice President of Middleware Engineering - I didn’t have to ask twice about it. It makes a difference to work for a company which cares about local communities, spreading technology and educating people about it!

Last and probably most important reason - looks like this event might have been one of the biggest Devoxx4Kids worldwide!!! 112 kids attended 12 workshops in 8 parallel tracks…. wow! 

To give you an idea here is the agenda arranged by different age groups:





I would like to end with simply congratulating organisers - Ewa WaliczekDariusz KaczynskiMichal Lewandowski and Tomasz Kucharski - together with all volunteers and other sponsors. Well done everyone!

Make sure to check out awesome photos from the whole event:

(all photos by and Andrzej Goławski)

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